In the best possible way: how to look stylish

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 Maintain the beauty and charm - a heavy female labor. And this helps things, which reflect a few. To always look stylish, you must know some of the secrets of how to become great.

If you have not decided on your style or are not sure about his choice, wearing a simple, high-quality clothing. Try not to fill your wardrobe with things that only fashionable this season.

Even a simple, inexpensive clothes can make you stylish, as long as you do not look at it cheap. If you want to choose a skinny silhouette of the dress, so it should not be unnecessary cuts. Conversely, if you like the dress, opening, such as the back, then let it be not too small and not fitting. So you will not look defiant.

Look elegant dresses can help. If you have never been worn and they think that they will not fit, do not refuse to try them - you'll notice the transformation.

If you choose bright colors of clothes, then cut should be simple.

If you are not sure which dress is best to wear for a particular occasion, take pictures, examples of each. Photo you will be able to determine what you will do.

Little black dress is suitable for all occasions. Depending on my mood and where you're going, supplement it with accessories: scarves, beads. And going on a date, it is possible it is gathered on the chest or a deep neckline.

Take a mental note that the neck becomes visually longer, if you wear a V-neck. A straight cut trousers lengthen legs. If you want to look slimmer, look for a model with no pockets.

If your casual shoes - sneakers, replace them with ballet flats. They, too, flat shoes, but will improve the style.

The first thing that people see when they met with you - coat. When you select it very carefully select the right model of your figure.

If you want to change your style, use the services of a specialist. Such professional advice can be obtained from some of the major stores and salons.

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