In pursuit of fashion

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 Many girls follow fashion trends. This helps them to look good and emphasizes their knowledge of modern trends of fashion business. However, some of the fairer sex become so fanatical admirers that in the pursuit of fashion allow impermissible errors.  

1. Choice of clothing is not by size. Quite a common mistake to buy any thing a size smaller in the hope that you will soon lose weight. Remember once and for all: if you want to be fashionable, do not buy any clothing that does not fit you in size. In his new thing you should flaunt already right after the purchase, because the thing is a "squeak" of fashion only one season, and weight, you can dump a long time.

2. Do not rely completely on glossy magazines and do not buy things currently shown on their pages, because the "picture" - is one thing, but a new skirt from the pages of gloss on you - is quite another. It will not look like models, magazine, though, if only because you are a normal person, but over the image quality labored the whole team.

3. thorough approach to the choice of underwear, because it should complement your style. If you really stick to fashion trends, then stick with them until the end. By the way, never let your thong peek out from under jeans, it is considered bad manners.

4. Never shoes sandals with socks or stockings. Listen to the already very name shoes.

5. Avoid shirts with large text or logos. Fashion for such things simply gone. Putting on top with a large inscription, you emphasize or that do not understand the fashion, or that wear cheap imitations of famous labels.

6. Do not combine strip and cage. Alone things from such fabrics will look quite stylish, but together make an explosive mixture that visually cripple your figure. In general, is wary of things unusual colors. They tend to quickly become irrelevant.

7. shoes sneakers under shorts only when jogging, in all other cases, the shoes should be elegant, emphasizing the advantages of your figure.

8. Do not get carried away with sequins, beads and lurex. These decorative elements must be present on the things in your wardrobe very reserved. It's time to t-shirts, studded with rhinestones from top to bottom, has passed. Today in fashion glamor moderation.

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