How to wear a bolero

How to wear a bolero
 Capes, ponchos, wraps - that just does not throw on the shoulders of a woman to look spectacular and femininity. But most, perhaps, a popular option these capes is today bolero. True, not every woman knows how and what it can be worn.
 It's a bolero from hot Spain, where he was in the XVIII century were, oddly enough, the man - passionate Spanish bullfighter. However, women are women - taking over the men coats, pants, shirts and jackets, they're just could not stop. So in the ladies' locker room appeared this cute short jacket.

Today, every self-respecting fashionista just have to be at least one kind of bolero. In addition, it is stylish and beautiful, it still makes any way complete and elegant. If desired, you can choose a bolero guipure or knitted, cotton or wool, you can buy a simple jacket with no frills, but can buy flower decorations, ruffles, sequins and stones. In short, the choice of these gizmos now quite rich.

In order to find out what you can wear a bolero selected, start with simple combinations. After the jacket is usually itself usually strongly wins either in color or style, or decoration. Try to put him top with straps or simple turtleneck (well, if it is a contrasting color with bolero), jeans or leggings. Perfect it and pencil skirt length French. Such variants are suitable for everyday use. Very cute, this item looks with dresses and sarafans up to middle of the knees, and both form-fitting and slightly flared, with a high waist. Looks stylish bolero with shorts, but it is worth considering that the shoes of this should be on a platform sole, or platform. However, in all other cases, this elegant little jacket suit absolutely any shoes, boots or boots.

If you consider yourself a romantic nature, you should think about buying or guipure openwork bolero - particularly elegant, it will look with a satin or velor dress. Wearing a dress-case and exquisitely luxurious boleros, you can safely go to a cocktail party. But going to the club, complete your outfit a bit frivolous bolero with rhinestones or sequins (only with caution - do not overdo it look with sheen and gloss).

And, of course, do not forget to supplement bolero accessories: wear necklaces or bracelets, grab a clutch (evening version) or bag-hobo (everyday) - and you will certainly feel like a queen of the ball.

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