How to Save on shopping in Paris

How to Save on shopping in Paris
 Paris - the ideal place for shopping. And to the world economic crisis has not hit your pocket, you just need to know what to buy and where. If you want to look stylish and fashionable, it is not necessary to buy things last year's collections from the second hand. Enough to know some of the nuances and adopt a few tips that will help you spend the least money, not while saving on quality.

You will certainly appeal to information about seasonal sales in Paris. They are held every six months at a fixed time - winter (January and February) and summer (June and July). During these periods, you can make purchases with an enviable economy.

There is a phenomenon that exists only in France. And the name of this phenomenon - «degriffes». In stores with this inscription on the sign you can find designer clothes without labels. But on the label, few looks. Meanwhile, the owners of these boutiques are buying clothes at a reasonable price though last year's collections, but belong to the best of world fashion houses: Christian Lacroix, Kenzo, Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior and others. Then they cut off all labels and tags and put things on an all-time low prices (50% cheaper).

On the streets of Paris, you can also find signs «en detail». In boutiques and shops with signs such clothes, shoes and accessories are sold without a sales charge. Savings with every purchase of about 10-30%. Most democratic network is a network of department stores Tati. The largest department stores in Paris, located on the Boulevard du Montparnasse and Place de la Republique.

Another tip: Do not abandon boutiques and shops with names unknown to you. Even in the "not promoted" more shops selling things of the highest quality. After all, the quality of French clothing and footwear confirmed for centuries. Most small shops, renowned for its elegance, is located on the famous boulevard called Saint Germen (Latin Quarter).

If you decide to thoroughly replenish your wardrobe, go to LaVallee Village. This is a huge French outlet, which is located near the capital of world fashion. There are a lot of (90) well-known brands. In the "village" better to come early in the morning in time to avoid all the boutiques.

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