How to find your style

How to find your style
 Own style developed by years and does not depend on the changeable fashion. One of its main objectives is to reflect the personality and taste, which is both innate and acquired.
 Start by exploring the resources devoted to fashion and style. It can be various sites on the internet, magazines and television programs. Knowing what trends dictate fashion houses this season, sorting out the subtleties and nuances of drawing up the so-called look'a, it will be easier to work with its own style. Plays a significant role viewing fashion-blogs that offer images of street fashion; reading books about great fashion designers and fashion eras; the study of the arts that contribute to personal development and form the aesthetic ideas of the world.

Learn all about the merits and demerits of the figure. This will help in selecting suitable clothing, protect against mistakes when buying things. Must be critical of all problem areas that you want to hide. For example, using well-chosen items you can adjust height, visually clean wide hips, waist to conceal imperfections.

Listen to the inner voice. Style - is a complete image, which includes a lot of factors: hair, makeup, lifestyle, mindset, and more. Try to get used to the selected image, do not feel a sense of embarrassment and discomfort. Correctly choose clothes and accessories include imagination, try to combine the bold colors and textures. Buy a basic set of basic things that will be invaluable in shaping any selected image.

Remember that the style - it's not the format of life presented on the covers of glossy magazines, style - a reflection of the inner world, a way to express their own individuality. So do not be afraid to experiment, because mistakes help to come to the exact image that is as accurate as possible will be able to express all the important qualities of a person's identity.

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