How to choose the color of clothing

How to choose the color of clothing
 They say that the Italians are born almost stylish and all, without exception, are able to choose the color of clothing with style. And all because they are not important for shiny elements in clothing and conspicuous sexuality (as it often is in Russian). After all, stylish image based on the right choice of colors of clothes and shoes, makeup and accessories. If the colors are not very fit, it seems that the image of "something is wrong". For example, look at the clothes companion slides and notes the degree of harmonious color combinations. If the eye catches the imbalance of colors, the brain receives a signal formed by the reaction of anger and rejection. We can say that a man wearing ugly, but not always at the same time able to explain what is this "ugliness". And in order to look stylish, should adhere to the natural laws of color combinations.

It is important to combine up to four colors. In the case of the image of only one color creates a feeling pale, expressionless, boredom and sadness. And more than four colors - it's too gaudy. People will look to rush from one color to another, not knowing what to stop. On an unconscious level, it increases anxiety.

Black, white, gray combined with all other colors, they are universal. It should be remembered that visually white "expands" and black - on the contrary. These colors should be used for the basic things that can be supplemented with flashy accessories.

Best of all, when the bottom 1 - 3 shades darker than the top (but is not applicable to white). This allows you to make the figure more slender and light.

All pastel colors (beige, peach, pink, light blue and other bright, delicate colors) combined with each other regardless of the color. They can be combined in any order. Care should be taken only with pink, which can be fully or look defiant.

Colors should not relate equally well by the following "pattern": 1 - 2 primary colors (which occupy a large area of ​​clothing) + additional inks. Plays an important role and hair color, stockings, bags, even packages that are in your hands.

Can be combined with each other or related or contrasting colors. Related paints vary in hue (red, pink, purple). Contrasting completely opposite to each other (purple and yellow, blue and orange). The only contrast combination, which sometimes looks risky - red and green.

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