How to choose a women's underwear

How to choose a women's underwear
 In winter, it's cold outside and indoors in warm clothes - stuffy. In order to establish the optimal balance of temperature, to protect themselves from freezing and sweating, just select women's underwear that make you feel the most comfortable in all conditions.

The main advantage of thermal underwear, in addition to heat retention, is its ability to remove moisture. This feature very useful in winter, when the body is sweating, getting into a warm room or when increased physical activity, and then because of this more freezes on the street. Women's underwear created from synthetic fibers bound in the form of cells very quickly to cope with increased sweating. And as underwear, usually consists of several layers of tissue that is held between an air layer, it can warm up even in hard frost.

In shops, you can choose female underwear in the form of T-shirts, shorts, socks and other clothing. When buying, be sure to pay attention to the label, because different types of clothes can vary significantly in their characteristics. There are thermal underwear, the main purpose of which is diversion of moisture. This garment is usually for sports. It often occurs lingerie, synthetic fiber is combined with natural fabrics - cotton or wool. This thermal underwear retains heat well, but quickly becomes wet. There are versatile options that can easily cope with both tasks.

Besides the information on the package weight thermal underwear can be found, as the ability to store heat is with him in direct proportion. Heavy linen is the most warm, easy - respectively, can warm to a lesser extent. The choice depends on the functional underwear - for fast movement within the city of light linen may be the most appropriate and comfortable for winter gatherings in the park is better to choose heavy. Several sets of thermal underwear can be useful in different situations.

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