How to choose a corrective underwear

How to choose a corrective underwear
 Virtually all women know that some part of the body is less attractive than the others - and this is an area often waist, hips and abdomen. The shortcomings of the figure is almost always possible to get rid of using physical exercise, but it is - a long process. In life there are circumstances when you need to look as attractive right now. And here to help can come corrective underwear, just select it to be correct.  
 The main function of corrective underwear - make invisible different figure flaws. After all, this is not just underwear reduces the volume of the body, but also improves the proportions of the figure as a whole: tightens the buttocks, making the waist slim and belly - flat, raise the chest and the hips do visually elastic and rounded.

Firming underwear models presented corsets, panties, stockings and panties, as well as a variety of t-shirts and tops. They are classified according to the degree of exposure: weak, medium and strong correction. And if you plan to wear it all the time - you need to opt for things with a mild to moderate degree of correction. Wearing clothes with a strong figure correction, though the figure will reduce the options for size 2, but not more than 6 hours due to the special structure of the used fabrics.

When buying products, whether panties, tights or pants, do not try to buy the product smaller. This underwear and so quite strongly corrects the shape and size matched incorrectly can lead to abrasions, irritations, abrasions on the skin.

In addition, you need to choose their "problem" area and buy underwear, the maximum to eliminate the defects of the figure. For example, if you want to tighten your buttocks only - you can wear corrective panties, but if you require correction and buttocks, and thighs - it is better to use special trousers.

When buying is not worth saving - quality corrective underwear should last several years. It's best to buy a model where synthetic materials outside corrective combined with cotton layer inside.

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