Female wardrobe - parting with unnecessary things

Female wardrobe - parting with unnecessary things
 Most women puzzled old as the world, a problem: there is no place to put - wearing nothing. According to the ancient teachings of Feng Shui, you should from time to time to get rid of unnecessary things, freeing "the road" for the new positive energy. To come to the house for something new, must leave something old.
 Psychologists recommend ruthlessly get rid of those things in a woman's wardrobe, which more than a year had lain in a drawer or cabinet. The reasons for their lack of demand can be very different. For example, the item can be almost new, but you will quickly lose interest in it or changed the figure up or down. From this dress is still possible benefit: put it up for online auction or City forum. In the announcement, specify the exhaustive information, attach a photo, specify the size, composition, name of manufacturer, price range for the possibility of bargaining. Photo select high quality, offer for sale the best thing to put on, so it will look clearer model. The full cost of the sale, you certainly do not get, but more importantly to get rid of the syndrome of "Elijah", and even earn some.

If you are not indifferent to the plight of others, especially the poor, the unnecessary things you can give them. To do this, should contact the local branch of the "Red Cross" or the church. There is an option give away things relatives who may not so well financially secure, they gratefully benefit from your help. Do it from the heart and from committing a good deed you get true joy.

You can not give up unnecessary things, and transform their appearance. With the basic skills of needlework, imagination and desire to create, to change the face of things. To do this, it is enough just to shorten the length, add decor embroidery, beading, applique, or sew a shaft from a lace. So you get not only a new and exclusive model, the second of which simply do not exist. Remember that handmade worldwide is highly appreciated.

Do not forget about your favorite girlfriends, assemble them at home, and in a relaxed atmosphere Arrange fashionable catwalk showing clothes and footwear. You can not just give away part of the wardrobe, but most get a couple-three vending new things. Be of good cheer, because of the general inspection of the wardrobe you will get not only a useful result, but also a good mood.

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