How to dress for New Year

How to dress for New Year
 New Year's Eve outfit can be bold and original, with elements of carnival costume. Of course, if you do not spend New Year's Eve on some official reception, where the dress code is strictly regulated.
 The main idea of ​​the women's festive attire winter of 2011-2012 can not name any particular style or silhouette, but the feeling is not brilliant, somewhat gloomy and even ponderous luxury. Heavyweight matte fabric with a metallic luster, as well as fabric, woven with textured patterns of contrasting colors, particularly well convey the mood.

As for the colors, display gray with steel spark, black, dark red, deep purple and lilac, a combination of brown with silver shades of yellow - a rich golden.

If you prefer a bright and light colors - purple, blue, pink, bright yellow, light green, choose fabrics, heavy-weight black or gray luster, because by themselves they are more suitable for late spring and summer.

White cloth, embroidered or textured patterns, too, are consistent with the concept of this winter. The fact that a pure white color - is simplicity itself, as if the road and fine cloth was not, therefore additional "complicating" the elements needed here.

Ivory, matt and creamy-white, on the contrary, almost does not need abundant decorative finishing which gives the taste of luxury as well - only a small amount of crystals on the bodice or skirt.

Bolder option - a fabric dyed in a few flowing into each other shades of one color, like the skin of lizards and snakes. Suits and dresses made of such material will be particularly beneficial to look in the artificial light.

It is worth noting textured fabric - embroidered, imitation scales, as well as a combination of skin tissue.

Pomp and festivity brings trim bodice and sleeves of a light fabric (gas, organza) and also help to "dilute" too stiff silhouette dress.

Consideration should be given hairstyle: wood or metal studs fit almost any outfit. A fine silver, gold, bronze hair sprays complement your chosen image.

As for style, here are important only your personal preferences: from dresses and suits in classic or oriental style to the extraordinary futuristic fantasies.

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