Woolen dress: an image that warms

Woolen dress: an image that warms
 Woolen dress - is one of the most important things fall and winter wardrobe, regardless of style or style. It's an easy way to find a compromise between elegance and climate requirements. Two or three dresses in your wardrobe will solve the problem, how to dress in the cold season.
 Usually dresses of wool differ classic muted colors - gray, brown, black. This coloring allows them to be easily combined with other clothes and makes them indispensable for creating a low-key, business-like manner. Sometimes these dresses worn over thin turtlenecks or blouses that allows you to place the emphasis entirely different fashion.

Dress-cases, tunics, dresses, sweaters ... Choosing warm attire must be due to the type of your figure, fashion trends and the nature of work. Tunics and long sweaters perfectly with skinny pants type of leggings. A "case" may be the basis of your office style. Dress in a classic style is indispensable for the grand exit.

Quality fabrics - the main argument in favor of the acquisition of wool dresses. The cloth should be pretty dense not shrinkable having dull luster. Note the fabric structure. In qualitative canvas wool content should be high. Various synthetic additives (such as nylon, Dacron, acrylic) just add the technological qualities of the canvas, giving it strength and elasticity.

For washing woolen dresses washing machines do not work. Even mode "delicates" quickly "kill" the product. Gentle hand wash with a special detergent in lukewarm water will allow you to extend the life of your dress socks for a long time. Just put the thing in a basin of pre-diluted detergent and leave it there for 15-20 minutes. Rub, twist wool is strictly contraindicated. It will quickly lose its shape. Nor can it and squeeze. Simply unfold the dress on a towel. This drying takes a long time, but it will guarantee the safety of decent shape dress.

The ability to keep in shape, well keep warm, fitting shape make clothes from wool extremely popular. Movie stars are not ashamed to appear in them for secular parties, and women of all ages find them indispensable element of style.

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