Women dress elegant size

Women dress elegant size
 Fashionable standards began to change for a long time - now on the runways can be seen not only skinny models, but also full of women who are also distinguished its own unique beauty. Many women are forced to wear large, complex experience, believing themselves ugly, but really all they need - is to learn how to dress up and transform your figure flaws in its dignity. Due to successfully choose a dress or a suit suitable cut, plump woman can look elegant and feminine, attracting male attention.

Dark colors and vertical lines to visually slim figure, and therefore the total woman should give preference to such things, but do not forget about your own color type - Brunette fit some dark shades and blondes - other. Experiment to measure clothing different colors, choose the most suitable one. In all of this, clothing should not be dark and shabby, and the tissue from which it is sewn, should be matte. If the fabric will absorb light rather than reflect it, the figure will appear slimmer. Discard clothing made from shiny and iridescent fabrics - sequins can accentuate any accessory in your wardrobe, but to wear pants or a dress with sequins is not necessary, since they focus on problem areas.

Ornament on the fabric should be directed vertically, and it should not be too large. The best option for a full ladies will pinstriped suit or elongated oblique cage. Avoid large cells and transverse strips in the figure on the fabric, as well as avoid the polka dot and small floral designs. Figure should be average and not too large.

It is important that the appearance of a complete woman was proportionate. Should not be worn when major figures are small and subtle decorations, make smooth hairstyles - a figure well emphasize the big jewelry and voluminous hairstyles and hairstyles of lush hair. All the accessories that you wear should also not be too small.

Elegance major figures underline semiadherent dress silhouette, in which the figure will not be unprofitable covered with a cloth, while clothes will not look baggy. The task dresses for larger women - emphasize the elegant curves of her figure and hide flaws, so the dress should not be cutting through the waist, and it should not resemble a hoodie. The longer the dress, the sleeker looks your figure. Suitable for everyday wear skirt length to the knee, and a mini-skirt full figure unacceptable. If you prefer pants, they must sit in the figure as much as possible without pulling and without wrinkles. Refrain from wearing hipsters. Blouses and shirts should not be tucked into pants - fitting blouse untucked looks much more effective. Visually lengthen the body will wear a V-shaped neckline. Emphasize the neckline will help long chains and beads. Hide completeness of hands will wear with sleeves.

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