What to wear in summer?

What to wear in summer?
 Lovely want to look at any time of the year. But the most important attraction in the summer, when the season starts vacation, holidays and parties. But what to wear when circle so hot? After flip-flops and shorts thin - is not the most elegant clothes, although they tolerate heat very convenient.

Summer clothes should be more graceful. Even in the most intense heat we go to work for a long time sitting in offices, and in the evening relax in public areas. And the clothes the whole day should be clean, neat, and, of course, comfortable.

Try to be sure to buy into their own wardrobe several different summer shirts. This is not fitting odezhka will allow the body to feel the breeze and "breathe". And it will always be the most convenient.

In addition, this outfit looks very appropriate in completely different situations. For example, in the office of the shirt can be fully buttoned. And in the evening, getting to the party, just undo two buttons on the top and bottom, wear beads, and outfit to become a club option.

Not more than in the locker room will steam summer dress - sundresses. Depending on the cut sundress may have a more casual look, and vary certain rigor. Last suitable for formal occasions, and in a colorful sundress short it is possible to go to the beach.

Short shorts are unusual and quite elegant. The main thing - remember that such clothing should be in any case not wrinkled, or disheveled. Wear bright topic, sandals, and a summer outfit for access to the city will simply perfect. However, in the office of shorts will be completely out of place - it is better to replace them with a skirt.

By shirt or topography is perfectly suitable cotton skirt, which is very comfortable thanks to the natural fabrics. Cotton pleasing to the body, it is not hot, even in the hottest days. A suitable model will find something every woman, because this range of clothing is unusually wide.

Please note that even in the summer in the offices established firms dress code does not allow to wear bright colored clothes with "fun" designs. Yet little minor details that will significantly freshen clothes, no ban can not. Wear bright belt or brooch, and your outfit will immediately become "summer."

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