Vintage style clothing

Vintage style clothing
 Perhaps, this trendy style of dress is not in vain so called wine terms - vintage. The expression is used in the sense of "vintage wine" may well be attributed to all these amazing, truly "seasoned" skirts and bags, brooches and dress.
 So, vintage - this is what eventually becomes a chic and sophistication. Vintage things allow you to be always in the trend - perhaps simply because they do not have any time frame. Who would have thought even some twenty years ago today, at the beginning of the XXI century, the latest chic will wear what were our mothers and grandmothers?

In addition, however, that things should be not "under" thirty years (but not more than 60 years - it will be a antiques), vintage clothing is also the fact that it is not just an old - it must also distinguish his style. That is, the vintage stuff - it's something original, something that could even be called an art object. Plain blouse or classic skirt worn by millions of women and girls in the 60s of the last century, can not be called vintage only because of their age. But if you're digging into my grandmother's trunk, found it delightful beads or a dress with a unique hand-embroidered - certainly pay attention to them. By the way, another criterion that distinguishes vintage: I like you handbag, shoes, scarf or dress should fully reflect fashion trends is its period.

In vintage style isolated authentic vintage, neovintazh (the so-called pastiche of "antique". Today, many brands offer their customers such things) and combined vintage - in this case for clothing designers can use, for example, the old fabric, creating a modern model.

Why do so many people like vintage style? It's simple: First, it is unique. By purchasing a vintage dress, you can be assured that this certainly will not be any more in one fashionista. Second, the vintage items are of high quality. And, thirdly, buying a thing, you have successfully put your money - because such clothing is quite expensive, but over the years only to rise in price.

If you are attracted to vintage items and you decide that this is your style, be careful. The fact is that buying vintage clothing, you have to remember it is appropriate: the environment, your overall appearance, other things from your wardrobe. If you are going to put on a vintage blouse, see how it fits on all other subjects - skirt, shoes, coats and even a hat. By the way, realizing that you really like this style, but wearing things like you are a little shy, you can start with vintage accessories - brooches, bags, purses.

Personality and charm, romance and shutter speed - that's what vintage style.

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