The more dilute the office in the evening look

The more dilute the office in the evening look
 Fashion - lady windy, its preferences are constantly changing, and only business style does not undergo significant changes. However, girls, even dressed in conservative clothing, leaving the office, I want to be trendy and modern.  
 Residents of megacities are more likely to face this problem. After work, you are invited to a cafe, a party, a trendy club, and it wants to be feminine and light. But, then, to get home, have to spend half an hour, and only go back after this and did not want to. So you have to show imagination, not to look at the party in a business suit, as if by chance got there "teacher."

In recent years, business style yet has undergone some changes. Now this does not have to be a white top and black bottom. Office clothing can be feminine. Quite acceptable medium length dresses, fancy-colored skirts to the floor, the original shirt. The main thing - remember the rule: the more frivolous cut clothes, the more restrained should be its color. In the classical model can also pastel colors and small prints. Appropriate office will strip and the cell. Rich green, deep blue, purple and dilute dull office environment and will look appropriate in an informal setting.

Image create accessories. Ethnic beads, imported from travel, a huge brooch handmade, unusual hair ornament will change your appearance. If you hesitate for a similar experiment in the office, take the gadgets with them and put them at the end of the working day.

Scarves, scarves and belts can also be diluted with business clothes. Purchase a scarf with a color print, and now the standard black trousers with a white blouse will look different. A bright band can decorate the most boring dress.

 Experiment with stockings. A young girl can come to work in a white blouse and plaid skirt, and before going to supplement your image fishnet stockings and bright make-up and go to a rock concert. Do not overlook colored tights. Skillfully combining colors, you can use them to diversify boring clothes.

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