Select accessories summer dress

Select accessories summer dress
 Summer - it is such a time when you can afford sea of ​​bright colors. For example, mix red and blue beads sundress or purple jeans with green bag. But, of course, to create such vivid combination of need, based on fashion trends and your own taste. Consider the basic accessories that may be suitable for summer dress.
 Scarves, which can be both informal and romantic-strict. The first of them look good if they are tied as a bandana. Whereas the latter can either bind to the neck, or else to wear on his head. Please note that the colors of the dresses should overlap with a handkerchief, and a bag to match will not be superfluous.

Belts. In summer you can do not notice that the lost weight. Belt will act as a stylish accessory. Braided straps with bright released parts (eg flower) will look great with summer dresses. If you supplement this strap sundress, no other accessories are no longer needed. Those who would like to emphasize the waist, can opt-belts gum.

Bags. This is generally a different story if discusses summer wardrobe. It is better not to choose a handbag in black, even if you represent the image of the "Lady in Black". You may well be diluted with a look, for example, a red bag.

Summer bag does not have to come to your dress, as it is already finished work. And, hence, may be white and violet with different chain, and blue with a plurality of pockets, and a square clutch. Thus, selecting a summer bag, you can first focus on your mood.

Umbrella. Of him also did not forget. After all, the law of meanness rain may begin at a time when it is so important to look good. So be fully armed and wearing a bag umbrella bright colors.

Beautiful stuff. Summer with accessories such as large rings, necklaces and bracelets massive, difficult to overdo it. After all, no matter how much you put on them nor will seem either not bright or small. So do not be afraid to combine bright red bezel with sky-blue sandals. Can leave the earrings in silver and gold for everyday work, and large earrings made of plastic, which are suitable for the color of the dress, just what you need in the summer. Do not forget about the glasses. It is better if they will even be a few. It is not advisable to choose a boring black frame, rhinestones and cheap glass.

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