Secular eclecticism

Secular eclecticism
 Eclecticism - a stylistic direction that combines quite heterogeneous, often radically different elements of several historical styles at the same time. Eclecticism to some extent always existed as a result of several different cultures dialogue. In social life this unusual style in a distinct form can be seen in the interiors, fashion design, the art of cinema and other.
 The heroine of the film "Sex and the City" Carrie Bradshaw appeared before the public as a shining example of what is eclectic. Everyday suit this girl is a combination of a plurality of elements of different styles.

The result was an image of a typical New Yorker, which seeks to emphasize the individuality and at the same time to merge with the urban landscape. All of this is shown in a photo shoot, held in support of the full-length film based on the eponymous series, "Sex and the City." Pyshnovolosaya Carrie captured on background dotted with graffiti city wall. On her head cocked to one side takes flaunts dressed and shoulders carelessly thrown over a coat of firm Burberry.

Clothing in which Carrie Bradshaw wears on weekdays, fully displays her state of mind and mood in the moment. As proof of these words will be enough only to remember that the transformation of a girl who happened to her when she fell in love with policy-dandy, inspired Carrie wear vintage Halston cape firm and add to it the major points in the style of a young Jackie Kennedy.

It should be noted that Carrie Bradshaw was never dressed up a director on the principle of "just so". And perhaps it is this feature makes it a unique look. Looking closer to everyday clothes heroine, you can easily define the profession her present lover and her attitude. In addition, alongside Carrie can also guess what occupied the thoughts of a young journalist that she worried that comforting, and that gives her reason for optimism. Pants suit with a narrow white vest, short wide tie and bag-cylinder plus rapid gait and a smile, looking forward to the meeting, gives the viewer almost one hundred percent certainty that Carrie expects dinner in the company of a bank clerk.

No stranger to the charming Carrie and healthy holiday, especially when combined with a gallant man. The girl manages to look absolutely stunning even skating and elongated knit sweater combined with her short white fur jacket from Marni.

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