Masculine character of women's wardrobe

Masculine character of women's wardrobe
 One of the charges that apply to Joan of Arc, was dressing in men's clothing. Today, fortunately, this one is not scared and did not even surprised. Many items of clothing men's suit has long been firmly settled in the women's locker room.
 Pants, shirts, ties, tuxedos, jackets, waistcoats, cufflinks, heavy belts, jeans, boots Cossacks ... Enumerate borrowing in female clothes from the male can be almost infinitely.

Of course, the same thing a woman wears differently, creating countless ensembles to your liking. Men's things filled with new content. High Heel appropriate make-up, hairstyle and beautiful men's clothing in the women's locker room gets a classic character.

Even Yves Saint Laurent in the past, the twentieth century, began to significantly enrich the female wardrobe at the expense of men. His efforts leather jackets, tuxedos and high boots are a common type jackboot part of women's apparel.

For many decades pantsuit is a favorite of women's fashion. Changing styles and accents, but no trouser suit is impossible to imagine the female wardrobe, regardless of age and figure. In the near future the return of suits in men's style - a little short jacket and pants free sitting. The most suitable fabrics found dense cotton, satin and silk fabric weave black and all shades of gray.

Men's Shirts - this is another piece of clothing, "firmly reclaimed" women. These shirts for girls no longer perceived as something shocking. Shirts in a cage good for a relaxed atmosphere and great with jeans. Shirt with stripes - has long been part of the female office style. Of course, going to the female wardrobe, shirt changed, was adapted to the characteristics of the female figure.

Jacket, which seemed pulled from male broad shoulders and draped on fragile female, called "boyfriend jacket." And today, it drew attention fashionistas almost all the leading fashion designers in the world. However, to avoid unnecessary expenses, you can thoroughly search the closet friend or father.

Hat style "Fedora", which looks as if it had just been removed from the head gangster thirties - another "trick" of women's wardrobe in men's style. Summer straw or felt hats from demi this style, yet they are called "Borsalino", has long been moved to the women's heads.

Tie - this recently still largely male enhancement - also became the subject of female desire. Office diva image - in a jacket cut blouse, satin vest and tie - excites the imagination of many men.

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