Latex leggings for the brave

Latex leggings for the brave
 Few today remember that leggings - pants body hugging style - originally been the subject of a man's wardrobe. Now it's hard to imagine a man who dared to take such a bold experiment in clothes. But women just love leggings, the more that they are again gaining ground on the catwalks of the leading fashion houses in the world.

One of the most of fashionable, but at the same time and extravagant varieties of leggings leggings are made of latex. First they put on movie stars and scenes. Such well-known ladies like Rihanna, Victoria Beckham, Christina Aguilera and others is not the first year appear at social events in latex leggings. Such clothing emphasizes the ideal forms and gives added piquancy image.

But do not think that latex leggings - version suitable only for stars or supermodels. They find application in everyday wardrobe of the modern woman. The main thing to choose the right color leggings and combine them with the actual garments.

As for color, then, of course, the most common and favorite is black. He not only visually makes the legs longer and slimmer, but also easily combined with any other colors. But if you are not afraid to experiment, try leggings latex of different colors - bold and original!

Choosing to latex leggings other details of the image, do not forget that latex emphasizes figure flaws. If you have a "heavy" hip, hide them with a tunic or short dress. If you are not satisfied with the length of the legs, combine latex leggings with high heels.

Remember that even such an unusual article of clothing like leggings latex is not only for movie stars, but for ordinary women. In no matter what you were wearing, most importantly, it is a sense of confidence and self-consciousness appeal!

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