Lace underwear - secret weapon of offense

Lace underwear - secret weapon of offense
 In a difficult, but such an exciting game of seduction beautiful lingerie is an important attribute. And in front of elegant lace panties and bra on the beloved woman is unlikely to stand at least one man.
 Son of the famous Vivienne Westwood once said that a woman who casually in choosing lingerie, better manage and do without it. Therefore, walking between the shelves in the store, turn your attention to the best and most exquisite lace dresses. Look at the red, maroon, white and black models. Red and dark red traditionally considered the color of passion, and men act accordingly. A lady dressed in black lingerie, surrounds himself with an aura of mystery that seems incredibly sexy man. Girl in white lace complete the impression innocent lady with which the young man will be handled very carefully.

Also important is the choice of fabric. You have to wear this underwear and men - to touch hands, wrinkle of passion, iron, and finally, take it with you. Therefore, the best choice would be underwear made of natural fabrics.

Lace underwear is able to hide figure flaws. If you have any problems with the press, or have "ears" on the sides, choose high panties almost to waist - Retro is back in vogue.

The man will not mind if in your wardrobe will not only lace underwear, but also the accompanying accessories. Stockings, attached to a belt, suspenders, gloves and long beads can complement set, turning you into the perfect woman. Especially loved by men fishnet fishnet stockings with lace belt.

Men tend to think of the whole image as a whole, while women focus on the details. You should not assume that all is lost, if the tone of your gloves is somewhat different from the color of the lacing on the bra - most likely your flushed gentleman simply did not notice it. Just feel the queen in a seductive lace set, and a man will treat you well.

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