It's time for the sea! What to wear?

It's time for the sea! What to wear?
 Summer - time for the holidays. Someone vacationing at home, while others - goes to the sea. What to take with you to the sea? How to collect the suitcase to him there was nothing superfluous and at the same time not to forget anything? On these issues often suffer many ladies.

In fact, it's simple. Basic things without which you can not do on the sea - it is a swimsuit, dresses, shorts, skirts, shoes, and accessories. Each of these things need to be carefully chosen in order to feel the most compelling personality and a woman on the beach.

Among the fashionable swimsuits are bright, but not flashy styles. For example, golden color, silver, pink, discreet. Swimwear can be embellished with exotic patterns (birds, flowers, abstract, geometry), and can also be striped, polka dots. But the intrigue not so much color and pattern bathing suit as his style, or form. Triniki, bikini bodice with "bandit", solid or asymmetrical swimsuits with lace trim, buttons, ribbons, rings have always been beautiful and intriguing things.

Summer dress, taken at sea, should be bright and creative. It should be plain (preferably warm colors), and may combine different colors extravaganza. The most advantageous option - dress with lace. Associate with femininity and romance, it will make you a gentle, sweet, attractive, sexy. Dress with a plunging neckline, asymmetry, multi-layered frills and is an intriguing option. On the dresses can be any patterns: geometry, abstract, blurry images, motifs space, etc.

Shorts that have not only are a thing of the male wardrobe, became practical and indispensable in the female. Supershort shorts with topom or elongated jacket will make you the star of the party. High sandals on belts or high-heeled shoes complement the image of "military". Availability shorts embroidery, fringes, pockets, straps, lace is fashionable. As an accessory, you can use the strap. Also popular is not just shorts and skirts, shorts.

Skirt makes a woman romantic, elegant, graceful. Stressing the seductiveness of the body, it is designed to hide its flaws. Pencil skirt, skirts, curvy waist and have narrowed down - "cylinders", long, short, tight, wide, polka dots, stripes, solid - any one of them will say that you are a real woman.

Open-toed ankle boots, platform shoes, wedges, pumps shoes all fashionable in any summer. Whatever shoes you prefer, it's important to remember that it should be convenient and comfortable.

And do not forget about accessories! Beach bag will give you the ease and tenderness. Bright, colorful earrings, necklaces, bracelets make you glamorous and irresistible.

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