How to define your style of dress?

How to define your style of dress?
 Fashion magazines offer a variety of options to create the actual image: lace trend today, tomorrow - brutal leather jackets. Constantly chasing the latest trends, you can lose your individuality. How to create your own unique style and will always stand out from the crowd?
 To understand what suits you best, you need to try on different images. Do not be afraid to experiment! Arm women's magazines: the pages devoted to the wardrobe, you can see that offer fashion designer and learn about the latest from the nearest clothing store. Also, some editions of leading commodity prices, which will help you calculate how much it will cost vending model.

Before large-scale renovation will come in handy wardrobe stylist tips. If the services of a professional for you the road, watching TV shows devoted to fashion. The programs "Remove it immediately" (STS) "Fashion sentence" (Channel) stylists give free and very useful recommendations.

Not in the store to buy up all at once, even if funds allow. After all, you're still only looking for their own style, so do not be tempted extravagant models. They will be in your wardrobe, but should start with the basics, which form the basis of your style.

Romantic image

 Beautiful and always appropriate. It is possible to come to work and go on a date. This dress on the figure (if you think it necessary to emphasize), flowing skirts to the floor, delicate blouses with ruffles and bows. Good complement this outfit shoes with low heels. If you have long thick hair, try to braid braid. It will emphasize your femininity.


 Allow yourself to be sexy! If you are ready to focus on the legs, feel free to wear a mini-skirt. Your advantage - big breasts? Then choose a deep neckline combined with a long skirt. With shoes on high heels and bright make-up such outfits are good for parties and holidays. But remember that too much nudity when open and the top and bottom - is too much.

Business lady

 Prove to yourself that the office dress - this is not necessarily boring. Fill trivial combination of skirt-blouse-jacket vivid detail - scarves, necklaces, brooches. The pants could also be very feminine. Accustomed to the convenient Ballet flat? Alternate them with shoes with heels.

Change your images every day

 Try different color combinations, do not forget about the bag, shoes, accessories. Gradually, you will begin to understand what style to you most comfortable, and you can pick up clothes, focusing only on your taste.

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