How to choose the style of the figure

How to choose the style of the figure
 The piquancy of modern fashion is that it is not. There are, of course, a certain flow pret-a-porter and general trends, but it has the character of recommendations rather than dogma. Only requirement remains unchanged to find and emphasize their individuality. Knowing your type of shape, you can accurately determine what kind of fashionable clothes you need.
 There are four main types of figures: "pear" (A-shaped silhouette), "hourglass" (X-shaped silhouette), the "triangle» (V-shaped silhouette) and "rectangle" (H-shaped silhouette).

So, for the first type should choose the classic and romantic style clothing. It is important to balance the heavy wide hips and "switch" attention to the elegant top. Blouses with fancy ruffles draped bodice and collar-clip perfectly cope with this task. Without fear or reproach can be stripped shoulders and carry things with an asymmetric top, bright prints on the chest. Jeans is better to choose slug flared from the knee and pants - straight cut. Avoid patch pockets and decorative elements at the top of the pants, wide belts catchy. Look great on a "pear" skirt polusolntse from flowing fabric, tulip skirt or a year. Experiment with scarves, scarves, showy jewelry.

Women with a figure of "hourglass" can exploit different images and styles, such as sports, with short jackets and close-fitting jackets, shorts or capris. Classic, bright whose representatives - dress-case, pantsuit, straight pencil skirt. Romantic, luxurious cleavage, fluffy skirts or flowing flying folds. Eclectic, vintage and kazual, stylish clothing - all at your feet. Be careful with the business style and "military" as an abundance of strict lines, heavy fabrics, and "male" parts often make angular shape and shapeless. Pay attention to light and soft flowing fabrics. Feel free to use the stylish accessories: wide belts, bows, bandanas and "arafatki."

Pick your style to women with a figure of the "triangle" too easy: pants of various models downright created for them. Skirts, extended downwards, visually "will align" broad shoulders. Styles may be different, but the fabric is better to choose medium density to the buttocks seemed bigger. Dress with full skirt and short tunics (ends at the upper thigh) give the "triangle" grace and femininity. When choosing shirts, blouses should prefer American armhole, a traditional oval or asymmetrical neckline. Discard the cut-out pumps, puffed sleeves and bulky items top. Massive bracelets, embroidery on sleeves skirt or pants, pockets, bright clutches, in short, all that will allow to divert attention from the broad shoulders, "works" for you.

"Rectangles" often have in her wardrobe things sports, business and classic styles. And rightly so! The main problem of women with such a figure - "oiled" waistline and equal in terms of the shoulders and hips. Dress is best to choose cutting or odor evening variant - with corset blouses - with horizontal lines on the chest, V-shaped or square cut. Visually increase the volume of the thighs can be achieved by the use of the "right" material: tweed, wool or ripple. The emphasis in the clothing must be one such elegant bow on the chest. Carefully choose a model with lots of small details, lots of frills, low waist.

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