How to choose a women's costume

How to choose a women's costume
 In the wardrobe of the modern woman can always find a place of honor for the costume. Well matched to the shape and perfectly tailored, well, he emphasizes style and high profile business woman. Rigorous and concise business suit does not distract others from solving urgent problems. And at the same time it is bright and feminine outfit, which is the perfect setting for its charming hostess and will not let it on any festive event or holiday party. But the important thing women have listed advantages only if made the right choice.  
 If your plans include buying a suit before going to the store, make your usual make-up and wear good clothes, that this thing sitting on your figure perfectly.

It is important to choose the right product design - a suit can make as your image harmony, and you wear out over several years. If you are a young girl, the solidity, perhaps not hurt, but for women in the prime of life that does not need it.

You can choose the skirt or trouser suit, but if you have to wear it often, look for an option of three items, so you will be able to combine the best parts together.

In the store, select some suits them immediately and meticulously peremerte. Start with a jacket. If you do not like - the whole suit can be put aside. Suit should sit like a glove, but not hamper your movements, so during the fitting move, raise your hands, sit down and lean. Please note that there is no shrink, not to move out and not bulging. Forget about the fact that something remake is better to spend time going to the shops and fitting than to pay for the seamstress ushivku and other unnecessary in this case the transformation.

A serious approach to the choice of dress color: it should match your tsvetotipu appearance.

Another one of the most important criteria for selecting a suit - the material from which it is sewn. A good costume is made of natural fabrics: wool, linen, silk or cotton, but not in any way of synthetics and other cheap materials. After all, if such a thing even now sits perfectly, you can not be sure that tomorrow it does not fade and will not lose its shape. By the way, check immediately whether formed on a suit folds. Imagine how you will look in the end of the day in rumpled clothes.

Be sure to inspect every detail of the products and how they are connected. Well-dressed no bad lines and poorly treated slices. Color thread should match the main color of your suit, contrasting thread can only be in a decorative finish. If there is a pattern to suit (stripes cells, "Christmas trees"), make sure that they are all perfect match at the seams.

Pay attention to the lining. Firstly, it must be easily separated from the upper fabric. Secondly, the quality of the backing material must be as good as the primary. It is important that after the first wash or dry clean this part of the costume is not "the village".

Even if you have little time for shopping, do not rush to buy the outfit until you are sure that the best just does not happen. And do not spare the money to buy something really worthy, because it is an investment in your perfect image.

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