How to choose a swimsuit on a figure

How to choose a swimsuit on a figure
 Every self-respecting woman wants to look spectacular in all circumstances - at a party, at work, in a restaurant, on the street, and of course, the beach. But that is usually worn on the beach except for sunglasses and hats? Of course, swimsuit. Swimsuits - this is not just an accessory for swimming and sunbathing, and a full suite that can hide or emphasize flaws and dignity of the figure.

How funny look old-fashioned swimsuits worn by our grandmothers. It was really suits for swimming, is neither a variety of models, no decorations.

Today the situation has changed radically. Swimwear open, closed, bikini, monkini, tankini, gangs, swimsuits with shorts, skirts, thongs, sports swimwear for the pool - all this diversity is easy to get lost. Unless you equip a reminder for choosing a swimsuit.

The first paragraph of this memo, in fact, does not apply to the selection and to the number of swimsuits. How many of them should be? The answer is - a lot. A couple of sun and air baths, one for beach volleyball, a couple - for swimming on a sunny day, one - for marine procedures during cloud cover. Well, a couple more just in case. Oh, dreams ... You can restrict a couple of swimsuits. But they need to be perfect.

The second point - some tips for choosing the perfect swimsuit. Do not run after fashion. You know what would be the most fashionable swimsuit season? The one that is right for you, it teaches you in the most favorable light.

Buying a swimsuit, be sure to try on it. Perfect swimsuit adorns you and imperfect you are decorating.

Do not try to pull your body swimsuit - too tight, he paraded all those folds that should hide. And finally, it's ugly deforms the chest (if bodice close) - the main ornament of women. In general, in close swimsuit you would never become queen of the beach.

Trying swimsuit, a little to move it. When moving (you're not going to lie on the beach for days in the same position) is required to move the chest, along with cups swimsuit and shorts should not be hammered in mezhyagodichnoe "neckline."

Now specifics. Woman - dream Rubens absolutely contraindicated bikini transverse strips, thongs, shiny fabrics, thin straps, ugly cut up curvy shape.

If the figure of proportion, should focus on any one part of it (for example, wide hips, you can put the focus on the chest, gaining self-colored swimsuit with shorts and a bright bodice).

Completeness hide indoors swimsuit with V-neckline and slenderness and the absence of any form - elegant swimwear bright exotic colors.

Clearly it is important to select the beachwear and factors such as hair color, skin tone. White swimsuit will merge with the skin of their white-skinned owner, but dark-skinned girl will look great, emphasizing bronze tan. Blonde in a bright bikini will look a little vulgar, but for the luscious brunette it just right.

And one more important piece of advice. After buying and before going to the beach wet swimsuit. Put it on the body and climb up into the shower. Then take a look at yourself in the mirror. Are you ready for the fact that this is how you will look for the hundreds of people who are with you on a beach?

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