How to choose a bathrobe

How to choose a bathrobe
 Quality terry bathrobes are made of 100% cotton. This is a convenient and pleasant material that perfectly absorbs moisture and retains heat. Terry bathrobes relaxing and warm thanks to the "ability" terry delay in their villi warm air. Choose the product should be carefully, because it touches the skin and is often worn after water treatment. Particular attention should be paid to purchase children's bathrobe, because the baby's skin is very sensitive.
 In fact mahr - a sort of "collective image", and in the tissue may also include various types of cotton (now becoming increasingly common so-called "combed" cotton - thanks to softness and durability), and mikrokotton and flax. Use and bamboo, which has antibacterial properties and high hygroscopicity. Sometimes added synthetic fibers, but it adversely affects the quality of the gown: less material absorbs moisture and can cause allergies.

Terry loops can be straight and twisted. Gown with straight hinge easy, but quite quickly loses its shape. The thing with twisted loops are not deformed, but after washing can be tough. Especially for fans of soft and comfortable clothing is recommended to get home bathrobes with bamboo or flax.

Terry bathrobes can be produced using different colors. The use of natural dyes nadogo helps keep the original color of the product, even with repeated washing.

Bathrobe must be carefully treated inseams. They should not strike the eye and rub the skin. Qualitative robe - evenly colored and has no chemical smell. Fabric surface looks smooth. If you spend a hand over the material on it should not remain lint and thread.

Considerable importance is certified for compliance with international standards. Conscientious manufacturers care about their reputation, so they organized in the production of precise quality control, clothes sewn approved technology and comply with safety and quality.

It is necessary to consider and style you require robe. Suitable for gift-dressed model with embroidery, decorative inserts, satin finish and so on. As for the clothes at home will need short and lightweight model with pockets and a zipper. For bathroom, baths, saunas, etc. you must purchase a long dense coat with hood and belt.

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