From what to wear slacks

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 Pants so long been an integral part of women's wardrobe, now that it is impossible to find a woman who would be in the arsenal of some skirts. Pants - it is fashionable and comfortable, and beautiful. Varieties of women's trousers there are so many, but among them stand apart slacks. There are many styles of slacks, so that they can pick up on any shape and for any occasion, if wisely consider the choice. There are some basic guidelines that should be followed in the selection, as well as wearing slacks.

Most importantly - the wider pants, the thinner and more delicate tissue. Broad and massive pants made of thick fabric will not look very elegant. Although, of course, in the winter, you can choose a thicker fabric to make it warmer, but the summer is better to stay in the light, bright, cotton varieties.

Further, if you do not want your figure in these pants looked awkward, it gets to them the easiest styles of blouses without unnecessary details. This set will make your figure light and graceful. Pick up this ensemble the right accessories - necklaces or earrings. Do not overload your image more detail - slacks and so attract attention to themselves, so it is better to abandon the frills and bright colors.

If your pants with a high waist, then act accordingly their figure. If you have a beautiful waistline, which is worth emphasizing that thread the upper hand in the pants. If you have something to hide, it is better to put on the top line and up to mid-thigh.

It is very important to choose such pants shoes. In all cases, encouraged a high heel. In the spring it can be thick and stable, but the summer is better to prefer studs. Remember that the wider the pants, the higher the heel.

Range of accessories is also important in this case. Handbag should not choose too small, as it is comical look with pants and too much strong will weight your way. Try to pick up the belt so that it contrasted with the color of the trousers. All accessories have to be feminine - slacks and so give your image a lot of courage.

Speaking of masculinity, it is an idea for a whole image. If you wear pants with a monochromatic light jacket, a simple cardigan and boots without heels lace-up, it can get very interesting image, most importantly, add its feminine details - a bright scarf elegant hairstyle and gentle makeup.

Properly fitted pants and accessories are perfectly underline your image, most importantly - make no mistake in his choice!

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