Fashion for trikini

Fashion for trikini
 Trikini this season won a firm place in the wardrobes of many fashionistas beach. For those who do not know, trikini - is a complex hybrid swimsuit fused and separate bathing suit. Original and unusual patterns trikini will appeal to those who are tired of the standard model swimsuits and would like to have a beach locker room model "with a twist". In trikini on the beach you really pay attention to themselves.

Style swimsuit trikini attracts a lot of interest is not the first season. Model trikini appeared in the 70-ies, but in the past was not particularly popular, staying in the shade of a bikini. But suddenly the season Summer 2008 marked the real boom in this model, swimsuit, and then the trend has been taken up by many designers and in the 2009 season.

Summer 2011 interest trikini not only weak, but also increased. That year came "finest hour" of this model swimsuit that won first place in the fashion Olympus. In summer 2011 season designers offer models trikini with rings, lacing, complex interweaving that give this feminine, sexy and elegant swimsuit model even more originality. Womanly hips and slender waist successfully underlined model swimsuit with cut-outs on the belly and sides.

As for the color leotard, then this season in fashion bright colors, monochrome models as well as models with patterns. Classic colors- it is red, black, white, or black and white swimsuit. Ie colors that never go out of fashion. But the most fashionable color of the beach season 2011 - pink, which visually rejuvenates and refreshes. After the pink follow multiple soft, pastel colors and gentle - coffee with milk, cream and beige, lilac and light blue, silver and gold. Topics drawings swimsuits are also varied: abstract, exotic, tropical, African, fruit, etc. But the most fashionable summer drawing - this strip. Also newly relevant maritime theme. Another fashionable accent this season - denim swimwear that can be worn in the evening after swimming with denim shorts.

Trikini disadvantage that this tan swimsuit will not even and white stripes on the body will create difficulties in the choice of clothing. However, for night time, this style looks perfect.

This season swimwear styles trikini found in almost all collections of famous designers. Trikini - a model for the most daring fashionistas, wherein originality and originality. This swimsuit accentuate slim and sexy your figure.

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