Black is back in fashion

Black is back in fashion
 About black can say a lot. It is a symbol of mourning, and a sign of belonging to a particular culture and unique tool that allows you to mask the various figure flaws, and a great foundation that allows accessories to play ... But today all its definitely added another: black - a fashion trend.  

Yes, bright palette was forced to take a step back under pressure from its powerful, seemingly grim counterpart. On the catwalks reigned black fabric: models wearing dresses and trousers, bathing suits and furs solemn procession, showing a wealth of opportunities to use this color in various outfits.

Can not say that black has ever been unpopular, but today he seemed to experiencing the birth of the second word. And it could not fail to mention all the leading designers, including in his collection of various toilets, full of a particular shade of black. Yes, because the black - it's not just monocolors, it has a rich variety of tones of different brightness and saturation. It is hardly possible to find things in the world are equally black.

Fashionable black things unites craving for some outrageous and luxury. Like putting all restraint in black paint, designers offer clients finery, rich in various elements and accessories: ribbons, fabrics, ruffles, buttons, furs. They play with shapes and cut, erecting idols in asymmetry and originality against the rigor and conservatism.

It should be noted that black retook the position and came into vogue not only in clothing but also in other areas. So, quite popular was the makeup, using mostly funds blacks - not only shade or paint, but the lipstick. Psychologists have found an explanation for this trend is that the black color symbolizes power and helps to gain self-confidence, which is lacking in many modern people.

The popularity of black and explained his versatility. With it, the easiest way to create an outfit that meets all the requirements of the girls: functionality, comfort and the ability to use it in any situation, from a strict working environment to the holiday party. One need only add a few ornaments, Change comfortable high heels and make a few more strokes, as a working outfit instantly transformed into a holiday!

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