10 facts about the little black dress

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 Probably not in the world of a girl who would not know what the little black dress. However, over the years of its existence dress "overgrown" different facts.

1. Little Black Dress created by Coco Chanel in 1926. The new model dress was a runaway success. Coco Chanel said: "If a woman has a little black dress, it has no future."

2. Little Black Dress reasserted itself in 1961. In a little black dress by Givenchy starred Audrey Hepburn in the film "Breakfast at Tiffany's." In 2006 it was sold for a million dollars at auction.

3. Little Black Dress like the stars of show business. Sarah Jessica Parker married in that dress.

4. Little black dress - a way to earn a lot of money. American Bus Manteyken commit themselves to wear a dress all year, every day playing with his different accessories. It does this in order to collect donations so on the development of schools in Indian slums.

5. Little Black Dress can be extended almost any accessories - from exquisite brooch to broad-brimmed hat. All depends on what kind of event is sent to the hostess dresses.

6. The little black dress can be accessed absolutely all women and girls. In order to have the dress in the wardrobe, it is not necessary to buy haute couture outfits.

7. The image of the little black dress is often used not in the fashion sector. Created some diets under this title. With their help, you can achieve the parameters of the figure kotoyre allow to squeeze in a classic dress from Chanel. Also created a set of exercises, through which the little black dress will sit better. Perfumers also inspired by this way - so there are perfumes and toilet waters with the same name. Muse dress is for musicians.

8. If in one place there are a lot of little black dresses, it can attract attention. That's how a few dozen devushkek thought and made a flash mob in such outfits in support of the film "Coco Before Chanel".

9. Little black dress is indispensable to a romantic date.

10. Little black dress - a classic in which any woman looks great.

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