Where to buy a dress in vintage style

Where to buy a dress in vintage style
 Clothing in vintage style is becoming more popular every season. Fans of this style, there are among the stars of world cinema, and among ordinary stylish girls. Vintage dresses can make to order or buy ready-made in stores.
 If you live in a major city, it certainly has shops and boutiques that specialize in vintage fashion. As a rule, are sold here modern dresses sewn by fashion 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, or stylized fashion while outfits. The advantages of buying in these stores: you can pick up a dress size, trying it, and the price is usually readily available. An important disadvantage, which makes many fashionistas refuse to buy the original dress in a boutique: buy the same dress can any fashionista city. Given that vintage dresses are very individual and rather rare to meet a girl in exactly the same outfit will be very unpleasant.

Very convenient buying dresses in vintage style online store or from a catalog. Their prices can range from fairly low (usually a mass of standard sewing dresses in the style of old) to high (if the store specializes in exclusive models). Unfortunately, the dress will only try after delivery, and the color may be slightly different. In addition, delivery may take from a couple of days to a few weeks, so is not an option, if the dress is needed urgently.

Vintage fashion implies individuality and originality. Girls in vintage dresses immediately stand out from the crowd and remembered for a long time. That is why it is important to buy this outfit so that the chance to see it on the other girl was minimal. The best way to do this - individual tailoring. The selected model will be adjusted on a figure and give the image of the desired style.

If you need to buy now dress made in the last century, you should find contacts among collectors. Vintage dresses are long-lived, as well sewn and quality materials. Many ladies do not want to wear a stylized outfits, namely old. In the USSR, fashionable dresses were very few, so for these things is better to go to New York, London, Paris, Milan. It is in these cities - trendsetter - you can buy or exchange collectors wonderful vintage treasures, which definitely will not be at your opponents. This dress style new look, stylish suits and '40s, and ultra dress 60s and punk model 80s. By purchasing items brand Chanel, Vivienne Westwood Yves Saint Laurent, BIBA, you will get a real antiques, the value of which is growing every year.

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