Wedding. Dress for brides

Wedding. Dress for brides
 Wedding is a special occasion in which everyone's attention is focused on the bride and groom dressed in wedding attire. In addition, the wedding - is one of the sacraments. Therefore, such a dress for the ceremony should be not only beautiful, but also conform to certain rules.
 Wedding dress for the wedding ceremony in any case should not look vulgar. By tradition, it must be long, not necessarily to the heels, knees should however be covered.

Shape, length and width of the sleeves for the most part does not matter. But the sleeves have to be. If the wedding dress girl devoid of any cover up the shoulders of the details, you should buy, or make to order to rent a small bolero, fur or lace cape. These accessories can complement the beautiful and beneficial bride's attire and at the same time, religious rites will look quite decent.

The belief that the wedding girl should certainly put on a dress with long sleeves and tightly closed mouth, is actually wrong. Dress could open neck, but definitely cutout should not even partially bare chest. Do not listen to employees of wedding salons, offering you a full dress neckline and make sure that the church is enough to cover the shoulders a little veil, and everything is permitted. Any wedding videography confirm clearly that the temple dress with open neckline looks, at least, inappropriate, and sometimes even indecent. Wedding in the temple - this intimate moment, the mystery of the connection of two loving hearts in the face of the Lord. Therefore, it is absolutely the wrong time and place to flaunt its charms.

Women in the Church's tradition should be present with his head covered. Therefore, it is desirable to strengthen the veil is not a hair on his head, as above. If the veil is attached behind, but it is long enough, some of it you can throw at the bride, thus covering the head, but leaving open face. In that case, if the bride's veil is not at all, the head must be covered with the help of some beautiful lace shawl or scarf.

In addition, you should pay attention to the shoes of the bride. It should be comfortable. Wedding ceremony long enough. And stand still for 20-30 minutes on high, unstable heels will be a real nuisance for girls. Therefore, you should choose shoes not only beautiful, but also comfortable.

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