Wear costumes in a new

Wear costumes in a new
 Suit, unlike dresses, blouses, skirts and other components of the wardrobe is much more difficult to change. However, to transform the suit is still possible. Our recommendations will help you to combine costumes with other items of clothing and accessories.

Combination. Close-fitting jackets, shirts and jackets combine well with the clothes of denim. Try to make an interesting combination, using denim skirt, top and fitted jacket. Or try to go the other way: the original shirt or blouse with an interesting collar or bulky sleeves try on with jeans or pants strict classical with an arrow. From jackets will be best to look straight and tight jeans. Blouses with ruffles can be worn under a fitted jacket.

Revive the image can be using accessories such as colorful brooches, bracelets, scarves, pendants. By the way, keep in mind that not every jeans combined with formal wear. These things need to be combined with caution.

A new form. Costumes are different forms: creative, romantic, classical and others. Try experimenting with costumes unusual cut. Shortened skirts, jackets with asymmetrical collars, skirts "red tail" and other similar garments worthy of your attention. Use unusual prints, animalistic and flower colors to add color.

From shoes are ideal shoes with unusual heels and pumps, but without a platform.

Restraint - does not mean boring. There are situations in which you need to look like a classic. If you have thus no desire to catch up with his robe sadness, experiment. Try instead to wear pencil skirts skirt sun and fitted jacket. Also, try a combination of trousers, blouses and wide belt.

Classic. Black, gray or white suits fit almost any woman. Accents are shifted to the quality of the cut and not to the accessories. You can wear a cardigan instead of a jacket or sweater. A great addition to such suits are feminine tops and blouses. In this case, the accessories should emphasize classicism attire.

If you have a few suits in the closet, then you can safely experiment, with new combinations.

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