The style of the big city

The style of the big city
 Big City - this is a great opportunity, long distance, high speed and great temptations. Style of big cities - a little sloppy, but elegant, comfortable, but not sporty, informal and even witty style. In a big city does not want to get lost in the huge crowd, I want to emphasize their individuality, but not to be a black sheep.

Big city style of dress should combine the opportunity to be a full day out and always be appropriate. T-shirt, shirt, sweater, jeans or leggings, light cardigans, jackets, comfortable shoes, bulk bag - that's the usual array for a young girl who comes out early in the morning from home to school or work, to return in the evening after a visit to the library, party or work .

Shoes do not have to be low-heeled - high, but stable heel is appropriate. To be more elegant, using accessories, scarves, jewelry, watches, hats, caps, sunglasses, original bags.

You can pick up clothes of bright contrasting colors or monochrome dress, with emphasis only on any one detail, for example, a large red or yellow bag signet or original wide belt, or a plaid scarf. To create a more gentle way of using things in pastel shades.

Even if in the office a strict dress code, it's not a reason to dress boring, especially on Fridays. Instead, combine the jacket with a white blouse cardigan. He looks great with massive heavy ornaments, colorful scarves and scarves original, eye-catching accessories.

Fans of sports style, too, now freed from having to wear baggy pants and jackets. Sportswear can be original and even elegant cut, emphasizing the figure. Modern sport style blends with ornaments, glasses, can be elegant and comfortable at the same time. Use T-shirts with unusual prints, shoes and sneakers-shirts and colorful laces, fun bag.

Would you like to dress in the style of street chic - use hats and hats, lots of jewelry, combine incongruous (eg, light silk flowered skirt and boots with laces), do not be afraid to overdo it with the size of the bag or belt widths.
The modern city of forgiving easy escape from the perfect taste and rather encourage it.

The main thing - do not be afraid to experiment and to the choice of clothes with a bit of humor and self-irony.

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