The base color in your wardrobe

The base color in your wardrobe
 The phrase "meet on clothes" is more important today than ever. In the holistic perception of your image plays a major role color of clothing. Properly chosen colors - the first step on the way to the top of fashion.

In a clothing store can often hear: "Oh, the red - my favorite color! I take this dress! ". So enthusiastic shopper tries on his new clothes, and sellers through her teeth smile ridiculous sight. And indeed, if choose their favorite color clothes, not paying attention to their appearance features, absurd kind is provided to you.

Clothes, makeup, hairstyle, accessories and shoes are added in the eyes of others in a holistic way. When decorating complement clothing, handbags, combined with shoes and dress color emphasizes the benefit skin tone, the image turns one and harmonious. Friends, acquaintances and colleagues say with admiration: "She was just ideal! ". But often can be seen in the exterior surrounding disharmony. A beautiful fashionable dress exists as to separate from its owner, it is absolutely not the right color. Holistic way in this case has not come out, and if the sentence is: "She is not coming." Shameless pursuit of the latest fashion trends might lead to a dead end.

To avoid such disharmony, must be guided by objective laws of color. There are 3 types of appearance: blondes, brunettes and redheads. Obviously, the thing that is ideal for aristocratic pale blonde, it is not suitable sultry dark brunette.

If you are the happy owner of a light-brown hair and blue eyes, the base color to your wardrobe blue, light pink and gray. With bright colors, experiment carefully, because they can visually blednit you.
Hot brunette with dark skin are ideal warm colors: almost all shades of brown, burgundy and red. These colors accentuate the sensual, passionate nature brunettes. Cold same colors, especially light gray and light purple color can make your face visually darker.

Freckles, emerald green eyes and red hair - this is the most mischievous and interesting way. The main colors of your wardrobe - warm. But, unlike brunettes, red beauties should be careful with light shades of beige and red. These colors can give a visually striking pallor of their nature.

As for the classics - black and white, you should not think that they are suitable for everyone and always. If a girl with fair skin and blond hair wears a white dress, it just visually merge with your dress. Therefore, black and white is better to combine in a single ensemble, then you will look really elegant.

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