T-shirt with bright print: what to wear

T-shirt with bright print: what to wear
 In the history of fashion t-shirt is awarded the title of universal garment of modern man. T-shirts are pleased to almost everything: from small to large, rich and poor, men and women. But the line between style and bad taste in choosing the correct combination is very thin, it's easy to make a mistake.  
 When selecting outfits always adhere to two basic rules - the right combination of style and color. If you are active and young in body and soul, feel free to wear T-shirts with bright prints. Cartoon prints magically transport you to a world of childhood. Practicality and brightness are well combined in such models. In the summer it is possible to effectively stand out from the black-white-gray crowd, wearing a universal clothing: T-shirt with bright print.

The most important will look at creating a t-shirt everyday image, with jeans, skirts and shorts. In cool weather, there is a great option to wear a T-shirt under his shirt. Plaid shirt in this case would be a worthy addition, more importantly, designed color, but the sleeve length can be any.

T-shirt can be safely combined with any jackets (with the exception of the classic cut) svitshotami, cardigans and blazers. The correct color is beneficial underline style. Among the Russian youth is very fashionable at the same time was the combination of wearing two shirts: Long and short sleeve top with a print version of T-shirts will be on the whole an excellent choice for walking or playing sports. Girls choose options combined, they prefer to wear T-shirts with sarafans and skirts, and leggings worn with long and wide-shirt with print.

In today's fashion industry is very fashionable to decorate T-shirts decor. This pattern may be, drawing or pattern. The images are very diverse: the inscriptions and abstractions, plants and animals, and even the masterpieces of world art. Does not stand still and manufacturing technology of T-shirts: now print is covered with cracks, will not fade in the sun or due to frequent washings, but will remain fresh, bright and positive for a long time. In any case, T-shirt with a print accentuate your personality, attitudes and interests. To always be at the peak of popularity, choose a variety of styles, the benefit of a modern range of truly limitless.

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