Street Fashion: comfort or style?

Street Fashion: comfort or style?
 Street fashion today are increasingly asserting itself. She was devoted to articles in magazines and on the Internet, separate transmission and headings. And some designers are developing clothing for street stile. It is interesting, because in it a balance of style and comfort.
 The main representatives of street style clothing are teenagers. They invented and developed today is a fashionable trend. So, was formed under the influence of street fashion active life of the younger generation, in which considerable importance is comfort.

Hence went jeans, hoodies, t-shirts, comfortable jackets, coats and sweaters, sneakers and running shoes, which are components of the same street style clothing. They are so convenient to go to school, work or just walk around the city with friends. In these clothes do not be shy movements, interfere with or cause discomfort. It should help to make a lot of different cases and give a sense of confidence.

And at the same time, street fashion - is not just a set of comfortable things. All of them should be interesting, unusual and unique. And most importantly - to form an individual style that is not governed by some rules and restrictions, and is a reflection of emotions, internal state and lifestyle.

That is why street fashion is also characterized by loose-fitting dresses, skirts and shirts, colored tights, socks and stockings. Outerwear complemented scarves and shawls in many colors and textures, gloves. Unchanged in street fashion sunglasses and handbag interesting shapes. And a special place, of course, take jewelry - they can be made of leather, ribbons, beads, stones, precious metals or simple alloys.

In street fashion decided to combine all sorts of things. Cowboy boots are often worn with light dresses, leather pants - with the boat on thin heels, and leather jackets - with long pleated skirts. But skillfully combine colors, excellent fit on the figure and competent selection of attire for a particular case create unusually stylish image of the convenient and seemingly inappropriate things to each other.

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