Straight Jeans: how to wear?

Straight Jeans: how to wear?
 In the pursuit of fashion, it is important to be aware of the individual characteristics of appearance. Otherwise, it may happen that a thing designed to emphasize your style, underline only your shortcomings. Definitely say about who go straight jeans, it is difficult, because they are different and to waist height, and coloring, and the density of the tissue. Jeans can go for a hike in the club, as well as for everyday wear.

One of these "crafty" things are straight jeans. Theoretically, this style fits all. But do not forget that they are even jeans and denim density, color and waist height, so when choosing jeans with a straight silhouette is worth paying attention to a few points.

Firstly, jeans with a straight leg fit those who are not satisfied with the shape of legs. At the same time should give preference to models of dark soft cloth. Hard dense material not only hide figure flaws, but also feminine curves, making silhouette formless.

Secondly, straight jeans suit owners of both high and low growth. But then, in the first case, you can safely choose a model with a low-slung, and in the second case - with normal or high waist.

Third, almost all should pay attention to such a model of jeans as relaxed. This classic trousers with straight silhouette. They are not a slim cut, but not too loose, which makes it very gracefully emphasize form.

Another model straight jeans - it's regular fit. They are suitable for those who have enough slender legs, as this type of jeans are fitting and somewhat narrowed at the bottom.

Have a certain popularity and jeans on a cut very similar to male. As a direct and free, they miraculously able to emphasize your femininity, if you wear them with tight clothes and shoes with heels.

By the way, the correct combination of jeans with other clothes and shoes are not less important than a properly selected style. Direct-colored jeans without any decoration can be worn instead of the classic trousers. They will look good with strict shirts, turtlenecks, and jackets.

These jeans combined with tunics, tops or bright shirt can be both an everyday option, and clothes for going to a club or a party.

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