Polka-dot dress: stylish or funny?

Polka-dot dress: stylish or funny?
 Polka-dot dress can look and stylish, and funny. Whichever dress. Depending on who wears it. Watching with some accessories. The dress with polka dots all very much "but", but with proper selection of accessories, it looks surprisingly gentle and feminine.

In principle, the polka-dot dress universally. Short straight sleeveless dress with polka dots can be worn on a student party or a class. Flared dress model with V-neck will look great on a picnic or a walk around the city. Long, to the floor, in the small peas dress with open back may well be awarded the title of cocktail. Knee-length, straight cut polka-dot dress with little ruffles would be appropriate even in the office.

Winter version of the polka-dot dress looks much heavier than the summer, so among the winter collections of heavy dense tissue "pea" dresses to be found. But with the coming of spring, light dresses of flowing fabric in black, white or navy blue polka dots look great, if ...

If you pick them relevant accessories. In addition, "pea" should not be too much. That is, if you dress in polka dots, the shoes, bags, scarves, gloves should be self-colored. And, it is desirable to match the dress. Polka-dot dress, combined with shoes with polka dots, will look ridiculous. But the white dress in black with white polka dots strict pumps or black sandals will look stylish.

In the selection of accessories to dress with polka dots should pay special attention to their color. To dress with polka dots in black and white or white and blue colors can choose bright red large beads, which beads should be larger "peas" of the dress. Maximum - a set of beads with earrings. Red bracelet or scarf will already be superfluous. Even more ridiculous and absurd look with polka-dot dress colorful accessories.

Polka-dot dress every cut is perfect for tall slim girl. For women with high Rubens forms preferably straight-cut dress knee-length or slightly above the knee. The "pea" in the dress must be small or medium-sized.

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