Military-style: wear khaki

Military-style: wear khaki
 Military style originates from an army camouflage: in Italian millitary means "military." Paradoxically, inconspicuous in color and rough fabric designed specifically for men, suddenly become popular among fashionistas and fashionistas around the world.
 After the end of World War II army uniform for the first time, "went to the people": due to lack of funds and women and children were forced to wear things pereshito from old tunics of their husbands and fathers. Of course, about any style out of the question, such clothing was only a sign of extreme poverty.

In the sixties of the twentieth century army camouflage started to use in their protests hippies. "Flower children" who opposed the war in Vietnam, wore a khaki shirt, decorating them with flowers and Pacific - signs of the world. It was then that the military form first became interested representatives of world-famous fashion houses. Among those who first decided to use a rough cloth and khaki and olive in a podium outfits were Christian Dior and Louis Vuitton. Thanks to them, soon became a military style prerogative not only soldiers, but also those who are accustomed to dress "haute couture".

Military style clothing is different, first of all, practicality: pants, jackets, shirts and even skirts are made of wear-resistant materials such as denim or cotton. When creating each model is generally used to the maximum, all fittings Army, from metal buttons and rivets and ending massive buckles. In recent years, became fashionable bright and shiny epaulettes hussar who skillfully combine professionals with both classical dresses and skirts khaki and patch pockets.

In addition to conventional khaki (from the Persian word means "dust"), the primary colors of military style - gray, olive, mustard, black, combined with swamp, beige, combined with brown. In the early twenty-first century, in addition to the camouflage on the height of fashion and colors were navy: blue combined with white.

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