How to wear dresses one shoulder

How to wear dresses one shoulder
 For several seasons, including fashion trends remain dresses one shoulder. Such outfits like nothing else can emphasize femininity and sexuality, and in addition, give the image of freshness and originality. Beautiful shoulders are very seductive part of the female body, so designers are of the opinion that such a model dresses have every right to be on the podium from season to season.

Dresses with open shoulders can be very different. This ancient flying toga, and frame cases of dense tissue and voluminous draped dresses. With regard to length, and it all depends on the imagination of designers: short dresses, mini, long on the floor, reserved to the knee. Can keep tabs on the thin straps, broad draped fold, and, moreover, may have a short or long sleeve.

Of course, wearing a one-shoulder dress is worth it if you believe in the beautiful shape of your arms and shoulders and can easily demonstrate them. Beveled cutout able to hide some broad shoulders, so the model can be advised, among others, owners of figures "unstable trapeze."

Despite the fact that the dress with one shoulder in fashion today, not every woman dares to wear it without much reason for it. This outfit is more suitable for an evening out or a cocktail, as it looks, even the most simple dress one shoulder solemn and elegant. No wonder during the fashion show in these dresses come in the evening section at the end of the show. Many stars of show business, appearing in dresses with one shoulder is at social events such as premieres and awards ceremony. Cate Blanchett, Beyonce, Kate Winslet and other celebrities appeared in such dresses on the red carpet. Also, one shoulder dress - "frequent guest" at parties and night party.

However, no matter where you decide to put on a dress on one shoulder, it should be remembered that in any case the second shoulder should not be present bra straps. Of course, it is worth thinking about shoes. Remember that too closed shoes are not suitable for such a dress, as it will be in sharp contrast with bare shoulders. For the same reason one shoulder dress is better to wear without tights or stockings.

Also, do not overload the image of accessories. Small bag or clutch suitable color, discreet earrings or rings - here, perhaps, and all that is worth to complement the dress on one shoulder.

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