How to visually lengthen the legs

How to visually lengthen the legs
 Beautiful long legs - the ultimate dream of every woman. It is on slender legs first of all pay attention to men. But if nature was not too generous to you, and the length of the most seductive part of the body left wanting more? All fixable.
 Many women want to look like a long-legged beauties beauties from Hollywood movies. But few people know that not all have outstanding film star length of the lower extremities. What was going on? A case in well-chosen toilets.

So, how to make the legs appear longer than they really are? First of all, no transverse bands, belts, contrasts. Classic "white top, black bottom" put an end to the dream of excited male gaze. By the way, the color of shoes and stockings is also a concern. Beige tights and black shoes visually shorten the leg. So no contrasts.

With color sorted. Now directly on the article of clothing. If you decide to wear pants, then it should be a classic, long pants maximum arrow, covering the heel. No understated waists, no patch pockets is not allowed if the goal - to visually lengthen the leg.

As for skirts, here is acceptable medium and small length (unless, of course, the shape of the legs allows). In the long skirt you look below.

But tight dresses are acceptable. Especially with a slit on the side. Thus it is better to abandon the model with a belt and detachable waist. In the extreme case can be waist high.

The top of the toilet (blouses, sweaters, jackets) must have an elongated shape. The optimal length for them - to the waist or just below. Visually than body length, the shorter legs seem.

Now for the shoes. Of course, the length and shape is important heel. 12 inches to own growth - it is very good. But this is not all the ladies know how to walk in high heels. Woman, barely half-bent interchanging the lower limbs - a non-sexual and ugly. And plump legs in heels tonyusenkoy look comical. Be as honest with yourself. Maybe you should look at the platform shoes or wedges.

But the color of shoes should talk separately. First of all, as already mentioned, shoes should not be a contrast with the color of tights. Ideally, the shoes and socks may be generally of the same color. By the way, the rule of "no straps" also applies to shoes. This means that on sandals with a strap at the ankle have to forget.

As you can see, is not too difficult to cheat nature, adding his feet seductive length. Albeit only visually. In the end, that this world is not an illusion?

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