How to use clothing to emphasize the waist?

How to use clothing to emphasize the waist?
 It's hard to find a woman, absolutely happy with my figure. But even if your forms are far from ideal, it is possible to visually improve the shape with the help of properly selected clothing.

Pick a color gamut clothes - it will create the illusion of a single coherent line. Combine a variety of shades of one color, preferably dark - black, gray, khaki, blue. No need to wear a top and bottom, contrasting color - it only focuses on the waist.

Do not wear clothes too tight or too large. In the first case, things are tight underlined too much, in the second - do shapeless silhouette. The choice of fabrics must also be careful - hard, shiny, transparent draw attention to problem areas. But soft, easily draped fabric easy to outline a figure.

The most advantageous conceal completeness slightly flared trousers and skirts a-line knee-length. Pull a figure long - ankle - straight skirts. Sweaters and blouses are wearing trousers, suits, choose slightly form-fitting or straight cut. Will approach you with the smell of things; high or low waistline - also your option, for example, dress in the style of baby dollars or, for special occasions, in the Empire style.

Belts and belt worn at the waist - it's not for you, they only accentuate her absence. But effective belt on hips, on the contrary, create the right impression.

If your problem is not in entirety, but rather in the "sport" the figure at which the waist is not expressed in the same way as the chest and hips - you will greatly help trousers or jeans with low waist. Just try to keep above the upper edge of the pants were not formed ugly folds.

Create an emphasis on the upper part of the figure - due to the volume produced in the chest waist becomes thinner sound. This will help you focus on your shoulders (blouses and jackets with small shoulder pads, crew neck or square) or a simple trick, as unbuttoned the top button of her blouse - one or two.

Such a way to give the figure a more attractive shape as slimming underwear, is also popular. Just remember that underwear should be in size, or on its edges appear rollers and self linen will be crashing into the skin.

Perhaps the ideal body exist only on the pages of glossy magazines, but with the help of some effort any deficiency can not only hide, but turned into a virtue.

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