How to sew a skirt with pockets

How to sew a skirt with pockets
 Pockets - perfect decoration for any skirt. They allow you to hide minor figure flaws and highlight the merits. For example, a skirt with pockets can visually rounded hips line or Sause it. Everything depends on what pockets sewn and where they are located on the skirt.
 Take the elastic twill, stretch in the transverse direction, or other tissue, keep in shape. Cutting the front and rear panel and the two parts of the pocket. Also fabricate detail belt, two stripes to the front kulisok 3 cm wide and two entrances to the piping pockets.

Sew darts in the back and the front of the cloth. The depth of each tuck zautyuzhte to the mid-cloth. Then proceed with the implementation of patch pockets with zippers. On the front of the pocket over the lines entrance, Pin piping. On the wrong side of the route the line. Cut along the piping and pocket.

Then pull the piping on the wrong side. Priutyuzhte purely vytachanny pocket entrance. Placing it on the zipper, and then baste so that you can see teeth. Defer entry into the pocket on the edge of the perimeter. Place the pocket on the front panel, baste and scribbled on the leading and trailing edges at a distance of 7 mm.

Follow the right side seam, leaving the slot. Sew along the left side sections hidden zipper. Before her on the label, do the slots left side seam. At the end of the strip for kulisok priutyuzhte allowances and scribbled them on the edge. Then baste them to the upper edge.

Sew the waistband. Do not forget to leave allowance extends beyond the front edge of the zipper. Zautyuzhte belt seam allowance and allowance pritachivaniya Open longitudinal sections. Fold the belt in half, sew short sections at the end of the belt and buckle allowance.

Zautyuzhte on the wrong side of allowances under the slots on the hem, then baste. Defer skirt along the bottom edge. Allowances slots defer to the edge, and one-piece piping zautyuzhte slot on the wrong side. Slots close themselves and perform finishing oblique lines, grabbing allowances.

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