How to hide the full hips

How to hide the full hips
 Full hips - it's not a reason to put on a cross. This lack of readily concealable through clothing. The main thing - the right to pick it up. A stylists have long developed a series of recommendations to be followed to the thigh began to seem slimmer and smaller.
 Even if you have quite impressive lower body, it does not mean that the only way your clothes - a long skirt, in any case, not a straight and narrow. And all of trousers can be forgotten. But it is not. All you need - is the ability to choose the right wardrobe.

So skirt. You are perfect ones that expand downwards - models such as the flared skirt. Wear very long clothes not necessarily, choose the length just below the knee. Turn your attention to the model with an oblique cut, sewn from trapezoidal wedges etc. It is such help pull all the attention from the hips and visually make a figure thinner.

You can even choose the model narrowed. Only this should be done very carefully. It is best to wear a skirt with a similar elongated cardigan, vest or tunic.

As for pants and jeans, it is best to give preference to a wide model. Remember the basic rule: the wider pants, the less you can see full hips. Therefore your choice - it's a classic, slightly flaring. Combine pants or jeans are best with long close-fitting jacket. In no case do not try to trim the top of the line - it will turn you into a shapeless sack of potatoes.

Pay attention to the color. It is best to slim dark pants, so the preference was given only black, brown and dark blue shades.

Jeans are selected on the same principle as the pants.

Top is also essential when trying to hide a heavy bottom. So choose blouses and sweaters basic uniform color, preferably not very bright colors. Prefer muted shades. Welcome any distraction emphasis on the chest. For example, a big bow.

Do not forget about accessories. Your choice should be thin and narrow straps, as only broad skradut your waist and emphasize the splendor of forms. Do not tighten the belt on her, let him be to you to hang freely, only slightly marked waist. Of course, are also important heels. How are they higher, the slimmer you appear. However, if you walk on them do not know how, then immediately do not experiment. Learn to walk on them gradually.

Handbag possible wear in the chest, then it will divert all attention to themselves.

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