How to hide hips

How to hide hips
 Women in all ages have sought to put on beautiful clothes. One of the criteria for selection of the dress is the ability to emphasize the dignity of the figure and hide its flaws. Fashion is constantly changing, but in recent decades it imposes rigid requirement - harmony. Women with curvaceous difficult to follow this criterion, and to help them come clothes.
 Eliminate from your wardrobe tight-fitting skirt. They obtyanuv your hips will create the effect is even more complete. This rule also applies tight jeans and trousers. Under the ban, you must have straight skirts and pleated skirts, pants, slightly expanded in the hips and tapered at the bottom.

Prefer skirt-trapezium, the length of which ends at the knee. Pick classic cut trousers with arrows. Ideally complement the image sweater jacket, blouse and jacket, covering the hips. In no case did not refuel at the top of pants or a skirt. If this can not be avoided, it is necessary to understate the waistline. You can also use a wide belt that visually make a figure slimmer and visually reduce the concentration on the hips.

Good service will serve you well selected corrective underwear. But it is not worth to save on this part of clothing, buying cheaper models. Usually such purchase brings a lot of inconvenience from discomfort when wearing to the rapid loss of form linen. Qualitative corrective underwear should not only hide the excess fat on the thighs, but also have excellent air permeability, thermal conductivity and other hygienic properties. Then you will not run into problems diaper rash, impaired blood flow in the legs, etc. And in the morning wearing corrective underwear will feel all day in it comfortably and confidently.

The color range of clothing will also help visually correct side. Do not experiment with contrasting colors, which will be, as it were separated from the bottom of the top figures. Pick up things so that a skirt or pants were 1-2 shades darker than the top. In this case, you can safely put on bright blouses and jackets. Rich decorative elements on top of the dress is also desirable. The visual effect is beneficial divert attention from your hips overweight.

Also plays a big role tissue density. Choose skirts and pants loose structure. At the same time, avoid too heavy and bulky tissue in the lower body.

The basic rule to be followed in the selection of clothing is to allocate more profitable parts of the body and the concentration of attention on it.

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