How to dress this fall

How to dress this fall
 Summer is gone, taking with them raznotsvete paints not only nature, but also clothing. Autumn fashion offers to return to monotony in dresses. Style of autumn - elegance and femininity in everything from coats and finishing accessories.
 Continuing the "white" theme of the year, the famous couturier proposes to include in your wardrobe cozy white knitted cardigan. He not only warm you in cold weather, but also beneficial to emphasize the curves of figure, accentuating wasp waist belt. In fashion and various combinations of black and white.

Dull autumn days will help you brighten up the warm and cozy coffee and chocolate tones. Almost all fashion houses presented their collections ensembles in cherry tones. This color has such a rich palette of tones that will not be difficult to choose the shade that will "to face" for you. Wearing thin knit sweater or sweater large hand-knit, cashmere or things done in these warm colors, you will feel cozy and comfortable, even when on the ground the first snow fall.

Fashion for femininity offers dresses with cut silhouette made of luxurious flowing fabrics. This can be silk, jersey or velvet. Supplemented with embroidery or sequins, they even "ugly duckling" can turn into a swan feminine. Admirers of long skirts and trousers in such dresses, hairstyles complemented by a "retro" style, will look stylish and seductive. And in the case of non-standard shapes fashionable thing will "sit" ideal if you sew it yourself or order a dressmaker.

Elegant sophistication to your silhouette will add a fashionable this season pantsuit. Borrowed from his "second half" of a double-breasted jacket combined with a dress, tunic or skirt because of the unusual combination of textures will highlight your style.

Colder and it's time to put on demi-season coat. Fashion does not limit your choice of style and style. This can be shortened black coat, ending just above the knees, supplemented boots on a high heel stable, high tops which are loose fitting leg. Being made of kid leather, they will look at your foot is particularly impressive.

If you like to wear bright things, stop your choice on a beige close-fitting coat, supplemented with a fur collar. It will serve as a complement to fashion long boots in black or beige color with a cream shade. They visually lengthen your legs, make them slimmer. In addition, many models in the most fashionable this season shoes provide the ability to change the height of the shaft to your liking. And complete the image you have created a black scarf.

Form the ensemble of fabrics of different textures: glossy leather, and velvet, knitted or crocheted, lace, cashmere, alpaca and satin - let you tell your taste and mood, and, of course, the weather.

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