How to dress thin

How to dress thin
 Despite the fact that the vast majority of women envious sigh at the sight of a slim figure, themselves holders of the model forms often try to hide their thinness. Protruding clavicle and thin legs look great on the TV screen, but in real life delivering a lot of trouble to their owner. But before we go on a high-calorie diet, learn how you can use the clothes look beautiful and impressive.
 Discard the body hugging and free

Tight-fitting clothing will only emphasize the thin limbs, protruding ribs and small breasts. Give up tight turtlenecks, leggings and very tight jeans. But the rush to extremes and buy clothes "a la robe Alla Pugacheva" is not worth it. In too broad things awkward knees and thin neck will look even thinner. Most advantageous to look skinny clothes polupritalennogo silhouette. Stratification - is also a good way out. Besides, she did not go out of fashion for several seasons. Put, for example, at the top thin blouse and top throw with a jacket with fur trimming. This outfit not only hide figure flaws, but it will look very stylish.

Choose the right texture and color of the fabric

Skinny girls can safely wear shiny fabrics. They visually add volume figure. Very good looks on the slim figure knitted fabrics with a nap and items with fur trim. Plain things bright colors visually add a few extra pounds. From vertical strips should be abandoned. But the clothes with horizontal or wavy lines perfectly fit the wardrobe hudyshek. Flounces, ruffles and folds in clothing will also add femininity and rounded shapes.

Pay attention to the shoes

For thin legs should choose boots bright colors. Remarkably, if they are made of soft materials such as suede or velvet. This will give the legs more volume. If you do not want to attract too much attention to his feet, the bright colors of the shoes should be abandoned. Platform - not the best option for thin legs. It only emphasize thinness. But classic shoes with heels of average height will look perfect.

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