How to dress for tall women

How to dress for tall women
 Tall women who want to feel confident in any situation, should take the time to correct drafting wardrobe. Get rid of inappropriate things and prefer clothes that best emphasize the advantages of your appearance.
 To a tall figure did not look too bulky, neither too tight, too short or very long things. Discard the high thin heels and platforms, even if they are in vogue. They distort the proportions and add your unwanted centimeters. Tall girls usually have long legs and can be without any prejudice to the exterior wear sandals flat shoes, ballet shoes and tennis shoes.

Do not wear short pants and pullover with 7/8 length sleeves - it would seem that you have grown out of their own clothes. Exclude wardrobe short bolero jackets, vests and tight dress with a high waist - they are only good for a petite woman.

Choose free stuff. Palazzo pants will look better tight jeans, coats free rounded shapes - elegant than fitting jacket. Draped fabrics, layered clothing, flowing scarves and shawls large - for tall women all looks very impressive.

Prefer striped and printed fabrics. You go into a transverse strip tops, vest-like, large bright patterns, fabric effect degrade. The more colors in your suit, the more interesting it looks. Do not limit yourself to boring black and white duo and do not dress in the same color from head to toe. Allow yourself multicolored, which other women can only dream of. However, small figures are best avoided - at high they look very non-winning.

When choosing accessories, prefer large and flashy things. Wear big bags - be it soft shapeless bags or briefcases strict. Complete costume bulky knitted scarf, bright palatninami, sweaters with big collars, wide-brimmed hat, big earrings and beads. Do not buy small bags without handles, thin bracelets, stud earrings and pendants miniature - such little things you just lost.

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