How to distinguish the Greek coat from China

How to distinguish the Greek coat from China
 If you want to buy high quality Greek coat on the market you just do nothing. Wanting to sell the goods as soon as possible and go for a new, market traders rarely buy a good coat of Greece, preferring to bring them much inferior in quality Chinese.
 Having defined the approximate price of fur coats and fur, fur should go to the salon, which can be found in almost every city. Even buyers salons are not always immune from the purchase of low-quality, though not quite cheap, good. Therefore, before you finally decide to buy, you should ask the sales assistant producer all certificates and fur auctions for the selected product. None of the Greek real fur coat without them delivered.

But one should start, of course, with a tour of fur, which should shine, have a thick undercoat and a smooth natural color (unless it is a designer coat with a light shading). If just soaked handkerchief attached to it, color, then coat was restored or dressed not from the fur that is specified on the price list.

Discerned between villous membrane or even bald spots are characteristic of poorly tanned furs, which indicates that the coat is made not just in Greece. If, moreover, coat suspiciously easy, so when creating technology was used stretching skins that adhere to Chinese manufacturers in order to save materials. Fur the touch to be elastic, but at the same time not too stretch and crush especially in hands. Low-quality material and can give a few hairs adhering to the palms after the fur was investigated.

All seams should be smooth and skins - ideal match with each other. If no seams but simply pieces are glued together, this means that the coat may have been made in China. Equally important is the fitting. Quality product, matched in size, as they say, and sits like a glove: there is nothing stopping and snare, hooks sewn exactly, but she was nowhere to coat wrinkles.

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